For Schyler Christine the release of her upcoming EP, “Another Round” is literally a release, personally and musically. Recorded with angel, a Toronto-based producer, these songs represent for Schyler a creative labour of love; undertaken with a clean slate, fresh confidence, and an overarching desire to inspire others to find a way forward after coming through struggle.

With this EP, the London, Ontario-based singer/recording artist presents highly personal songs that, while all dramatically different, allow her to sing her truth powerfully and honestly. Although the lyrics were written by her producers, as a singer, Schyler profoundly connects with the words and messages.

‘Victim’ her first release, is something else entirely – no less hopeful, but far more aggressive – the kind of eminently satisfying R&B/Pop earworm that kicks off with a vocal hook that sticks in your head right off the top. With no warning, no introduction to get you in the frame of mind, it kicks the listener in the heart from the first beat. As she said about her own life, from there it goes in one direction... Up.

I came to a point where I was just mad, really fed up. I wanted to change in a way I’ve never wanted to before. I was mad about what I wasn’t doing, about what I thought that I could do, what my head was telling me I couldn’t. But while Victim came from anger, it’s happy, too.

This new music acts as an introduction to a larger, deeply personal story that reveals not only why music is so integral to Schyler, but how difficult she found it to come to a point where she was willing to share her substantial talents publicly.

For most artists, being heard is the goal from the very beginning. While that’s true of Schyler as well, for her it’s also a means to an end. It’s a chance to put her experiences, a lifetime of feeling she couldn’t speak in the way she desperately wanted to into her music. In doing so, Schyler is eager to use her gifts to help others feel heard, seen, and valued, ‘...see a vision of yourself with a new story to tell.’

“Right now, that’s my job,” Schyler says, bluntly.

With Schyler Christine’s deep connection to the lyrics, her insanely powerful vocal delivery, and dramatic emotional range as a singer and interpreter, the results are stunning.